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Suppresses autonumbering on table of contents.


Questions 1-7 Faith itself: the object of faith; the virtue of faith; the cause and effects of faith

Questions 8-9: The gifts of understanding and knowledge

Questions 10-15: Vices: unbelief in general, heresy, apostasy and blasphemy


Question 16: The precepts of faith, knowledge and understanding.

Question 17-22: Hope, fear and despair


Question 23-26: Charity

Question 27-33: Joy, peace, beneficience

Question 34-43: Hatred, sloth, envy, vice, war, sedition

Question 44-46: Wisdom and folly


Question 47-51: Prudence

Question 52-56: Vices opposed to prudence


Question 57-60: Justice and injustice

Question 61-63: The distinction between commutative and distributive justice

Question 64-76: Forms of injury

Question 77-79: Cheating, usury

Question 80-91: Religion and its forms

Question 92-100: Superstition, idolatry, divination, sacrilege

Question 101-113: Piety and obedience and their opposites

Question 114-119: Friendliness, flattery, quarreling

Question 120-122: Piety; the precepts of justice


Question 123-127: Fortitude

Question 128-140: The parts of fortitude


Question 141-154: Temperance and its opposites

Question 155-170: Other forms of temperance and intemperance; Continence, modesty, humility; incontinence, pride

Acts Which Pertain Especially to Certain Men

Question 171-178: Prophecy, the grace of tongues, miracles

Question 179-182: The division of life into active and contemplative

Question 183-189: Man's various duties and states in general; the religious state and its requirements

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