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Welcome to The Logic Museum,
the online resource on logic and philosophy that any competent person can edit.
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New books

  • Duns Scotus on Time and Existence - out next month September 9 2014 Now!
    • "A significant contribution to Scotus studies and the history of late-thirteenth-century philosophy. Simo Knuuttila, Professor Emeritus, University of Helsinki.
    • “An extremely significant contribution to the study of Scotus, and, in particular, to the background concepts/sources for some of his more important philosophical positions.” Mary Beth Ingham, Franciscan School of Philosophy, Berkeley

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“Few, very few, for a hundred years past, have broken the repose of the immense works of the schoolmen”.[1]

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  1. "The history of literature like that of empire is full of revolutions. Our public libraries are cemeteries of departed reputations and the dust accumulating upon their untouched volumes speaks as forcibly as the grass that waves over the ruins of Babylon. Few, very few, for a hundred years past have broken the repose of the immense work of the Schoolmen. (Henry Hallam, View of the State of Europe in the Middle Ages, 1818).
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