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"Since the 'now' is an end and a beginning of time, not of the same time however, but the end of that which is past and the beginning of that which is to come, it follows that, as the circle has its convexity and its concavity, in a sense, in the same thing, so time is always at a beginning and at an end". (Physics book IV 222 a28)

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“Few, very few, for a hundred years past, have broken the repose of the immense works of the schoolmen”.[1]

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  1. "The history of literature like that of empire is full of revolutions. Our public libraries are cemeteries of departed reputations and the dust accumulating upon their untouched volumes speaks as forcibly as the grass that waves over the ruins of Babylon. Few, very few, for a hundred years past have broken the repose of the immense work of the Schoolmen. (Henry Hallam, View of the State of Europe in the Middle Ages, 1818).
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