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Man's Last End

Questions 1-5: Man's last end; what happiness consists in

Human Acts

Questions 6-7: The will in general

Questions 8-17: The Will

Questions 18-21: Good and evil


Questions 22-25: Passions in general

Questions 26-29: Love and hatred

Questions 30-34: Concupiscience and delight

Questions 35-39: Pain and sorrow

Questions 40-45: Fear and daring

Questions 46-48: Anger


Questions 49-54: Habits in general; their causes and effects

Questions 55-60: Virtues; intellectual and moral virtues

Questions 61-67: Virtues; cardinal and theological virtues

Questions 68-70: The gifts, beatitudes and blessings of the Holy Ghost

Vice and sin

Questions 71-74: Vice and sin in themselves; the comparison of sins

Questions 75-78: The general causes of sin; the internal causes of sin

Questions 79-84: The external causes of sin, such as the devil and man himself

Questions 85-89: The corruption of nature the stain of sin; punishment for venial and mortal sin


Questions 90-92: The essence of law; the various kinds of law; its effects

Questions 93-97: Eternal law, natural law, human law

Questions 98-105: The old law; ceremonial and judicial precepts

Questions 106-108: The law of the Gospel or new law


Questions 109-114: Grace: its necessity, essence, cause and effects

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