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Useful sites


  • Google books: plus ID plus &pg=PA123 takes you to p.123, if it exists. For example
  • PDF: To link to specific page:
  • Html: To redirect: Place the following HTML redirect code between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags



  • <span id="n75" />
  • <span id="f24ra" />
  • <span id="p210" />


  • All templates
  • {{a|anchorname|displayname}} highlights the name displayname, and anchors to anchorname.
  • {{a|anchorname|displayname}} highlights the name displayname, and anchors to anchorname. displayname
  • {{ln|lineanchor}} displays the line symbol, and anchors to lineanchor.
  • {{p|pagenumber}} displays the page symbol, and anchors to 'p'+pagenumber. >
  • {{Nextpage|[[../Previous page address|Previous page name]]|[[../Next page address|Next page name]]}}
  • {{Nextpage|[[../Q1|Question 1]]|[[../Q3|Question Q3]]}}
  • Excel formula, where A3 is the Q number ="{{Nextpage|[[../Q"&A3-1&"|Q"&A3-1&"]]|[[../Q"&A3+1&"|Q"&A3&"]]}}"
  • Sample header for transcluded pages



Colour code templates

  • {{Not translated}} Not translated
  • {{Translated not checked}} Translated but not checked
  • {{ Checked by translator }} Checked by translator
  • {{ Reviewed }} Reviewed
  • {{ Authorised }} Authorised

See Template:Translation codes

Search and replace

In MS Word

  • Find what: \[n([0-9]{1,})\] Replace: '''[n\1]''' <span id="n\1" /> [replace e.g. [1] with [1]
  • Find folio number: [0-9][0-9][rv][ab] (or [AB])
    • Add anchor to f number Find= (\[f[0-9][0-9][rv][ab]\]) Replace= [\1] <span id=\1 />
    • Thus [f48ra] goes to [f48ra] <span id=f48ra />
  • search ([a-z])-([a-z]) replace \1\2
    • replaces hyphens separating parts of words (or whole words, be careful)
  • Replace span version of page number with template version
    • Search \<span id=p([0-9]{1,})\>\</span\> replace {{p|\1}}

See also Using wildcards with MS word.

  • To add wiki italics, do standard search and replace with nothing in the 'find what' box, with font set to italic, and ''^&'' in replace.

In mediawiki

The mediawiki search and replace is a real creature of darkness. It's very useful and necessary when you have already installed the pages there are too many them to copy back into Word, and it's very powerful, but one mistake and you are destroyed. Also the syntax and escape characters are entirely different from Word. Starting this section for some experiments.

See Talk:Sandbox

MS word


  • [[Imagefilename|thumb|right|260px|Description]]
  • <div style="clear:both;"></div> - stops images wrapping


  • <center> - to centre the table
  • border=1 cellpadding=10 width=85% - to reduce the width. Proportions within the table will still be preserved.
  • Sorting tables: add class="wikitable sortable"


Semantic Mediawiki



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