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The One God

A thing is wherever it operates

Questions 1-6 The nature and extent of sacred doctrine; the existence and essence of God

Questions 7-10 The infinity, omnipresence, immutability and eternity of God

Questions 11-13 The unity of God; how God is known to us. The names of God

Questions 14-18 God's knowledge; the ideas which exist in His knowledge. Truth in God; falsity in God. The life of God

Questions 19-21 The Will of God; the love of God and his justice and mercy

Questions 22-24 Providence, Predestination and the book of life

Questions 25-26 The power of God and the divine beatitude

The Blessed Trinity

In the divine Trinity is to be understood both number and the persons numbered

Questions 27-28 The question of origin or procession; relations of origin

Questions 29-32 The persons in general - signification of "person"; the number of the persons; our knowledge of them

Questions 33-35 The Father and the Son

Questions 36-38 The Holy Ghost

Questions 39-43 The three compared


Questions 44-49 The first cause of beings; the emanation and beginning of creatures; good and evil; angels and man


Questions 50-53 Their substance - absolutely and in relation to corporeal things; their movement

Questions 54-58 The power and knowledge of angels

Questions 59-60 Their will and movement, which is love

Questions 61-64 How they were brought into existence; how some of them became wicked and were punished

The Six Days

Animals and plants may be said to be produced according to their kinds, to signify their remoteness from the Divine image and likeness

Questions 65-69 The work of creation; the ordering of creation towards distinction; the first three days

Questions 70-74 The fourth to seventh days


Questions 75-76 The nature of the soul and its union with the body

Questions 77-79 The powers of the soul in general; its intellectual powers

Questions 80-83 The appetitive powers; sensuality, will, free-will

Questions 84-86 How does the soul know corporeal things? Through what does it know them and how?

Questions 87-89 How does the soul know itself? How does it know immaterial substances?

Questions 90-93 The production of man's soul and body, and of the woman; the end of man's production

Questions 94-102 Adam's soul; Adam's body: his home, paradise

The Government of Creatures

Questions 103-105 The government of things in general; how God changes creatures

Questions 106-110 How an angel acts on another angel; the hierarchies of good and evil spirits

Questions 111-114 How an angel acts on man; guardianship of good angels and assaults of demons

Questions 115-119 How bodies change; fate; how man changes in general

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