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  • Aristoteles Latinus IV 1-4 (2 et 3 ed. alt.) Analytica posteriora. Translationes Iacobi, Anonymi sive 'Ioannis', Gerardi et Recensio Guillelmi de Moerbeka, edd. L. Minio-Paluello et B.G. Dod, DesclĂ©e De Brouwer, Bruges-Paris 1968 (First ed. Of IV 2 by L. Minio-Paluello in 1953, of IV 3 by L. Minio-Paluello in 1954). The authorship of James of Venice for the medieval vulgate text of the Posterior Analytics is undisputed (1). Curiously enough, the manuscript tradition of this text also reveals the presence of two versions, which present the same kind of variants as those of Boethius' translations. However, the two versions have not been edited separately. Secondly, an anonymous twelfth century translation has been preserved, which is attributed to a certain 'Ioannes' (2). Thirdly, the volume also contains, in accordance with the original - but rather ambitious - Aristoteles Latinus programme, the Arabic-Latin version by Gerard of Cremona (3), and finally, the revision of James' translation by William of Moerbeke is included (4).


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