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First part: On the necessity of revealed doctrine

  • Art. 1 Whether it was necessary for man in this present state that some doctrine be supernaturally inspired.
  • Art. 2 Rejection of the opinion of the philosophers
  • Art. 3 Solution of the question
  • Art. 4 About the Three Principle Reasons against the Philosophers
  • Art. 5 To the Arguments of the Philosophers

See also Lectura I Prologus Pars 1.

Second part: On the sufficiency of sacred scripture

  • q. unica: Whether supernatural knowledge necessary for the wayfarer is sufficiently handed on in Sacred Scripture. (n95)

See also Lectura I Prologus Pars 1

Third part: on the object of theology

  • qq. 1-3
    • Whether theology is about God as about its first object. (n124)
    • Whether theology is about God under some special idea. (n133)
    • Whether theology is about everything by way of attribution of them to its first subject. (n139)

See also Lectura I Prologus Pars 2 QQ. 1-3

Fourth part: theology as science

Whether theology is a science, and whether it is subordinated (to other sciences) or not.

  • q. 1 et 2:Utrum theologia in se sit scientia, et utrum subalternans vel subalternata

See also Lectura I Prologus Pars 3 QQ. 1-2

Fifth part: whether theology is a practical or a speculative science

  • QQ 1-2
    • Q1 Utrum theologia sit scientia practica vel speculativa (n208)
    • Q2 Utrum ex ordine ad praxim ut ad finem dicatur per se scientia practica (n223)

Vide Lectura I Prologus Pars 4 QQ. 1-2

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