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First part: On the existence of God and his unity

  • Question 1 Whether among beings there is an actually infinite being (Main arguments, nn.1-9)
  • Question 2: Whether something infinite is known self-evidently
    • 2A Main arguments for the second question (nn.10-14), with replies (nn.15-38)
    • 2B To the first question (n.39) and the existence of the relative properties of an infinite being (n.41-n.73)
    • 2C Preliminary conclusions on the existence of an infinite being (n.74 – n.110)
    • 2DThe infinity of God is proved directly (nn.111-156)
  • Question 3 Whether there is only one God (nn.157-190)

Second Part: On the persons and productions in God

  • Question 1 Whether there can be along with the unity of the divine essence a plurality of persons
  • Question 2 Whether there are only three persons in the divine essence
  • Question 3 Whether the being of being produced can stand in something along with the divine essence
  • Question 4: Whether in the divine essence there are only two intrinsic productions (nn.212-219)
  • To the third question (Scotus’ own proofs and proofs of others (nn.220-257)
    • To the main arguments of the third question (nn.258-269)
  • To the fourth question
    • The opinion of Henry of Ghent (nn.270-299)
    • Scotus’ opinion, including objections (nn.300-326)
    • To the main arguments of the fourth question (nn.327-352)
  • To the second question (nn.353-375)
  • To the first question (n.376)
    • Clarification of Scotus’ own solution (nn.377-387)
    • On the formal distinction (nn.388-410)
    • To the main arguments of the first question (nn.411-439)
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