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Explicunt quaestiones libri physicorum notatae a I(ohanne) Aston post magistrum Ricardum de Clive

Worcester 13 is a manuscript now in the Worcester Cathedral Library which is an important witness to the kind of logical and philosophical material taught and discussed at Oxford University in the late thirteenth century.

According to f. 116rA the scribe was John of Aston who "noted down the questions on the Physics after Magister Richard of Clive". It seems probable that John had attended a course given by Richard, making the date 1294/5, when John was known to have been at Oxford. [1]

The manuscript was described by Ch. Lohr in 'Aristotelica Britannica', in Théologie una Philosophie 53 (1978)97-99, listing 24 works mostly by British philosophers of the thirteenth century.


  • Questions on the Physica Anonymous f. 001ra-005ra
  • Summa grammatica Rogerus Bacon f. 005ra-24vb
  • Tantum unum est Anonymous f. 005ra-24vb
  • Omne verum et deum esse differunt Anonymous f. 026ra-27ra
  • Utrum totum copulatum potest distribui Anonymous f. 027rb-29ra
  • Omne bonum vel non bonum est eligendum Anonymous f. 029ra-31rb
  • Cuiuslibet hominis asinus currit Anonymous f. 032va-33vb
  • Sortes desinit esse albissimus hominum Anonymous f. 034ra-35vb
  • Quod incipit esse desinit non esse Anonymous f. 036ra-37ra
  • Amatus sum vel fui William de Scardeburgh f. 037ra-38va
  • Solius binarii pars est unitas et nullus numerus Anonymous f. 038va-40ra
  • Nullus homo legit Parisius nisi ipse sit asinus Anonymous f. 040rb-42ra
  • Aliqua inquantum conveniunt differunt Anonymous f. 042ra-48ra
  • Omnis homo est Petrus Cornubiensis f. 048ra-50ra
  • Quotienscumque fuisti Parisius totiens fuisti homo Petrus Cornubiensis f. 050ra-51vb
  • Omne grammaticum de necessitate Petrus Cornubiensis f. 051vb-53ra
  • Si tantum pater est non tantum pater est Anonymous f. 053ra-53vb
  • De proprietatibus terminorum Guillelmus Sherwood f. 058rb-59vb
  • Quaestiones super tractatum de proprietatibus terminorum Guillelmi de Sherwood Anonymous f. 059vb-62va
  • Album fuit disputaturum Anonymous f. 063ra-64rb
  • Omnis numerus praeter binarium excedit unitatem numero Anonymous f. 064va-65vb
  • Nichil est verum nisi in hoc instanti Anonymous f. 065vb-66vb
  • Omnis homo de necessitate est animal Anonymous f. 074ra-76va
  • Extracta a libro Boethii de consolatione philosophiae Anonymous f. 076vb-78vb
  • Quaestiones libri physicorum Richard de Clive f. 079ra–116ra
  • Quaestiones in libros metaphysicorum Richard de Clive f. 116ra–155rb
  • Super librum ethicorum Anonymous f. 156ra-163ra
  • Commentary on Analytica Priora Anonymous f. 165va-191v
  • Divisio scientiae Ioannes de Dacia f. 191vb-200rb

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  • [[]]

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