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First page, Vol V, Wadding 1639

An 'ordinatio' is a text that has been 'ordered' or edited for publication. Scotus' Ordinatio is his revision of the lectures he gave as a bachelor at Oxford, transcribed as the Lectura. The initial revision was probably begun in the summer of 1300 – see the remarks in question 2 that apparently allude to the battle of Homs in 1299, news of which probably reached Oxford in the summer of 1300. It was still incomplete when Scotus left for Paris in 1302.


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Vatican edition

Quaracchi edition

  • Commentaria oxoniensia ad IV libros magistri Sententiarus novis curis edidit p. Marianus Fernandez Garcia. Imprint Ad Claras Aquas (Quaracchi) prope Florentiam : ex typographia Collegii s. Bonaventurae, 1912-1914.





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