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The Lectura are Scotus' notes for lectures he gave on Books 1 and 2 of the Sentences as a bachelor theologian at Oxford. It is the only material from his Oxford lectures that were available for some parts of the Sentences, as the Ordinatio – the revised and edited version of the lectures – was never completed. No Lecture for Book 4 has come down to us. It may be that Scotus never lectured on Book 4 at Oxford, or it may be, as Wolter suggests, that "the total absence of any Oxford lectures on Bks. III and IV before Scotus went to Paris may be a consequence of the destructive raids on the university libraries of England in 1535 and 1550."[1]

Lecture I is in vols 16-17 of the Vatican edition, Lecture II in vols 18-19, and Lecture III in vols 20-21.


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Sourced here from the Vatican edition.




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