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Introductiones parvulorum, or introductions for beginners in the study of logic. A series of brief glosses which were supposedly written early in Abelard's career, perhaps between 1102/5 and 1112/14 and which may be identical with those he called "Introductiones parvulorum" in the Dialectica [1].

They were discovered by Cousin (see Cousin 1836 p.x-xviii), in NL 13368, 128r-168r. Cameron (2010) has argued that the supposed cross-reference in the Dialectica is not to this work. It is not completely certain whether they form a set, or are even by Abelard[2].



  • Dal Pra 1969 Edited by Mario Dal Pra in Pietro Abelardo: Scritti di logica, Firenze 1969 (second edition).
  • Cousin 1836 has Glosse in Porphyrium (551-576) and Glosse in Categoriam (577-594), but the Glosse in Librum De Interpretatione (597-602) was wrongly attributed to Abelard by Cousin.


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  • [[]]
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