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Catalogue: Inventario Ceruti dei manoscritti della Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Fontes Ambrosiani 50, 52, 57, 60 and 63) (Trezzano sul Naviglio 1973–79) XII Century (cat.:XIV)

  • 1ra-72rb This was the basis for Geyer's 1919-1927 edition of Logica Ingredientibus. Geyer refers to this manuscript as A in that edition, but as A1 in his edition of Logica Nostrorum Petitioni Sociorum. It was later discovered that the final section (?70r-72r, Geyer 490: 20 - 503: 26?) of the De interpretatione commentary was not Abelard's work at all[1]. According to Jacobi (?), the text is in the same hand up to 71r b11 / Geyer 497.19 (secundum inferentiam). After four blank lines a different hand fills in the rest of the folio and the following one with some passages taken from another commentary on the De interpretatione.
  • 74ra-91vb – Anonymous gloss on the Isagoge called the Glossae secundum vocales, a pastiche of Abelard's Glosses on Porphry's "Isagoge" and Logica ‘Nostrorum Petitioni Sociorum’ (LNPS). Transcribed in Ottaviano [1933] 106-207. Geyer calls this manuscript A2 in his edition of LNPS. The same manuscript includes the bulk of Logica Ingredientibus. incipit: "quod antiquitus logicam dicebant, modo logicam sive dialecticam appellant. Quid autem sit logica ..."

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  • ed. B. Geyer, Peter Abaelards philosophische Schriften, pp. 583 - 588, 611–612 (Geyer erroneously gives the shelf mark M 64 sup.);
  • Constant Mews, 'A Neglected Gloss on the Isagoge by Peter Abelard', in Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie 31 (1984), pp. 35 – 55
  • C. Ottaviano, Un opusculo inedito di Abelardo, Fontes Ambrosiani 3 (Florence 1933), pp. 95–207.


  1. See Minio-Paluello, Abaelardiana, pp. XVII-XX.
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