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Little is known about the life of Lambert of Lagny except that he was a Dominican in the Dominican house at Auxerre around the middle of the thirteenth century, and that he wrote a logic text known as Summa Lamberti or just Logica. He was probably a scholar in the diocese of Meaux, and between 1250-55 was the preceptor of count Theobald V of Champagne (1238-1270). Later he was an administrator of the possessions of counts of Champagne. He was previously identified with Lambert of Auxerre, the Dominican friar under whose name Lambert's work appeared. See De Libera 1982, 229-32.

He is usually grouped with the other, mostly older, terminist logicians of this period (Peter of Spain, William of Sherwood, Roger Bacon). His logic text was most likely written between 1253-57 (or 1250-65, according to De Libera 1990) at Troyes (or possibly Pamplona), and published in Paris probably around 1260, according to de Rijk (1969).

The section on Appellation may have been influenced by the Appellationes of John le Page, as well as by the Summae Metenses, and the Syncategoramata of Nicholas of Paris. His most important work, the Logica was one of the four main textbooks of the terminist school of the thirteenth century, used as a logic textbook by the Dominicans.

There are 15 manuscripts supporting his work. He is considered by some to belong to the Parisian tradition which accepts natural supposition.



The Logica is edited in Alessio 1971, with a translation of the final chapter in Kretzmann 1988. The author of this work was previously identified as Lambert of Auxerre. The author is now generally identified as Lambert of Lagny (de Libera 1981).



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