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Dialectica: Assen: Van Gorcum, 1956. First complete edition of the Parisian manuscript; with an introduction by L.M. De Rijk (Introduction CVI pages; Text pages 51-637). Second revised edition 1970 (Introduction CXII; Text pages 51-669).

1. Peter Abailard. Life. Works on logic IX
2. Abailard's Dialectica. The manuscript. Sources.
3. Masters mentioned in the Dialectica. Date of the Dialectica XII
4. The content of the Dialectica XXV
5. Inference. Consequence. Syllogism XXXI;
6. Categorical proposition. Terms. Copula. Identity theory. Inherence theory XXXVI;
7. Hypothetical proposition. Implication. Conjunction. Disjunction XLIII;
8. Supposition XLIX;
9. Truth and falsity LI;
10. Affirmation. Negation. Signum quantitatis LV;
11. Modal propositions LIX;
12. Categorical syllogism LXIII;
13. Hypothetical syllogism LXVIII;
14. Argumentation. Kinds. Locus differentia. Maxima propositio LXXV;
15. Division. Kinds. Definition. Kinds LXXXV;
16. Abailard's position in twelfth century logic. Dialecticians and Anti-dialecticians. Nominalism and Realism. The question of the universals LXXXIX;
17. Books and Articles referred to XCV-XCVII

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