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  • B. Ioannis Duns Scoti. Quaestiones in libros Perihermenias Aristotelis; Quaestiones Super Librum Elenchorum Aristotelis, edited by Robert R. Andrews, O. Bychkov, S. Ebbesen, G. Gál, R. Green, T. Noone, R. Plevano, A. Traver. Theoremata, edited by M. Dreyer, H. Möhle, and G. Krieger, Opera philosophica 2 (St. Bonaventure, N.Y.: Franciscan Institute Press; Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2004).


In contrast to the other logical works, Sophistical Refutations exists in only two manuscripts.

Andrews 2004 writes:

As regards the quality of the text contained, B, although it is the earliest manuscript, has readings that are seriously flawed. Let us consider as evidence this single egregious misunderstanding, from q.45 n.9: "videtur quod de ratione syllogismi sit conclusio": B has 'videtur quod de resurrectione syllogismi sit e converso". (p.260)
In the Quaestiones super librum Elenchorum there are no explicit allusions to other works by the same author. Nor, in the other works of Scotus, are there any references to a commentary on the Sophistici Elenchi. There are a few parallel treatments in various of Scotus's works which evidence that they are by the same author" (p.263).
Undeniably the evidence for the authenticity of the Quaestiones super librum Elenchorum is the weakest among the logical writings. (p.264)
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