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In approximate date order

  • Prologue to William of Ockham's Summa logicae, early 1320s. Available here in an English translation by P.V. Spade.
  • Perhaps the 51st chapter of part I of Ockham's Summa logicae and the last question of book IV of the same author's Reportatio, early 1320s?
  • London lectures (lectura prima), early 1320s
  • Treatise on Indivisibles (Tractatus de indivisibilibus) written after Chatton's Reportatio (1321-23), which it quotes, but probably not long after
  • Quaestio de divisione at compositione continui is, according to the critical edition, either an early draft of the Tractatus de indivisibilibus or a later summary. The editors of the edition prefer the hypothesis of an early draft.
  • ' 'Lectura secunda 1329-32
  • Oxford Lectures 1332-34



Lectura Secunda

Reportatio Oxoniensis

  • Vatican Library, Vat. Lat., MS 1110 (books II-IV)

Ordinatio Oxoniensis

The Abbreviatio of Wodeham's Ordinatio by Henry Totting de Oyta


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