Welcome to The Logic Museum, a site devoted to the history of Logic up to and including the period of Frege and Russell. The HOME page is here. This is the index of authors and titles. You can sort by name of author, title, or date, by clicking on the column headings. Because sorting in html is relatively stupid, I had to separate works written before the Common Era (i.e. those by Aristotle) from those written after. Obviously for those written before, you have to sort in the opposite order, i.e. a work written in 370 B.C. was written before one written in 240 B.C. This is something we should have picked up in primary school but I always find it a little tricky (as I do the odd fact that a work written in 1265 was written in the 13th century, which seems to have been designed to confuse).

AuthorTitleApprox. date
Abelard, PeterHistoria Calamitum Mearum1132
Abelard, PeterSuper librum Perihermeneias1121
Aquinas, Thomas Summa Theologica 1265
Aquinas, ThomasDe Potentia1259
Aquinas, ThomasIn duodecim libros Metaphysicorum expositio1270
Aquinas, ThomasDe rationibus fidei1261
Aquinas, ThomasIn Perihermeniam1269
Aquinas, ThomasIn VIII libros Physicorum1265
Aquinas, ThomasDe ente et essentia1256
Aquinas, ThomasIn Libros Posteriorum1268
Aquinas, ThomasSuper Boetium De Trinitate1258?
Aquinas, ThomasSuper Sent., lib. 2 d. 3 q. 1 pr1254
Aquinas, ThomasQuodlibet XI 61272
Aquinas, Thomas De Aeternitate Mundi 1270
AugustineDe mendacio395
AugustineConfessions (Book XI only)396
AugustineConfessiones (Complete)396
AugustineDe Civitate Dei413
Bacon, FrancisNovum Organum1620
BoethiusTractatus de hebdomadibus520
BoethiusDe Trinitate520
Buridan, J.Quaestiones in analytica posteriora (question 4 only)1335?
Burley, WalterQuaestiones in librum Perihermenias (1301) Question 41301
Cantor, GeorgExtracts1880s
Cantor, GeorgUber ein elementare Frage der Mannigfaltigkeitslehre1890
Case, ThomasLogic (Encyclopedia Britannica)1911
GrossetesteDe Luce1215
Joachim, H.The Nature of Truth1906
Joseph, H.W.B.An Introduction to Logic (extract)1906
Joyce, G.H.Principles of Logic1908
McTaggart, John EllisThe Unreality of Time1908
Mill, J.S.A System of Logic (extract)1843
Ockham, William Summa Logicae 1318
Ockham, William Expositio in librum Perihermenias Aristotelis (sections 2-16 only) 1323
Prior, A.N.Thank Goodness That's Over1959
Reid, ThomasAristotle's Logic1774
Russsell, BertrandThe Principles of Mathematics (extracts)1903
Russsell, BertrandOn Denoting1905
WittgensteinSome remarks on logical form1929

Works written before the Common Era

AuthorTitleApprox. date
AristotleMetaphysicsBC 335?
AristotlePeri HermeniasBC 370?
AristotleLiber PhysicorumBC 340?
AristotleLiber Posteriorum AnalyticorumBC 370?
AristotleLiber PraedicamentorumBC 370?
Julius CaesarDe Bello GallicoBC 46?
CiceroTopicaBC 44
CiceroDe DivinationeBC 45

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