Aquinas: Commentary on the Posterior Analytics
With English translation by Fabian R. Larcher, O.P.
Commentary on the Posterior analytics of Aristotle. Translated by F. R. Larcher, with a preface by James A. Weisheipl (Albany, N.Y., Magi Books 1970)

Book I Lectures 1-8 Aristotle (71a1-73a20) - Pre-existent knowledge and introduction to the demonstrative syllogism.
Book I Lectures 9-36 Aristotle (73a21-85a11) The nature of the demontrative syllogism; proceeding to infinity in demonstrations
Book I Lectures 37-44 Aristotle (85a12-89b20) Comparison of demonstrations and sciences

Book II Lectures 1-12 Aristotle (89b2l-96a20) Knowledge of the middle; demonstration propter quid and quia
Book II Lectures 13-20 Aristotle (96a22-100b17) How the quod quid and propter quid should be investigated; knowledge of first propositions