Anselm's Monologion


Chapter or section Description
Chapters 1-4 That there is something that is the best, the greatest, the highest, of all existing things. There is a Nature which exists through itself, which is the highest of all existing things, and through which exists whatever is.
Chapters 5-14 Just as this Nature exists per se and all other things exist through it, so it exists from itself and all other things exist from it. Before their creation those things which have been made from nothing were not nothing with respect to their Maker's reason. The Expression of the Supreme Being is the Supreme Being. Just as all things were made through the Supreme Being, so they are sustained through it. It exists in all things and through all things; and all things exist from it, through it, and in it.
Chapters 15-17 What can and what cannot be predicated of the Supreme Being substantively. The Supreme Being is so simple that whatever things can be predicated of its essence are one and the same thing in it. And something can be predicated substantively of the Supreme Being only with respect to what this Being is
Chapters 18-28 Other attributes of the supreme being - it exists eternally, is present to every other being in every time and place, without itself existing in different times and places etc.
Chapters 29-48 Anselm argues for many propositions of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, using only philosophical arguments, rather than the authority of the bible.
Chapters 49-58 The love of the Supreme Spirit, how the Father and the Son love one another, how Love proceeds as a whole from the Father and as a whole from the Son. Only the Father is begetter and unbegotten, only the Son is begotten. Only their Love is neither begotten nor unbegotten. The essence and wisdom of the Father.
Chapters 59-63 The Father and the Son and their Spirit exist equally in one another. No one of them needs the other for remembering, understanding, or loving. Nevertheless, there are not three fathers, or three sons or three spirits but one father, one son, and one spirit common to them. How in the Supreme Spirit there is only one son and one who has a son.
Chapters 64-65 Though this truth is inexplicable, it must be believed
Chapters 66-77 Through the rational mind one comes nearest to knowing the Supreme Being. The rational creature was made for loving the Supreme Being. Every human soul is immortal.No soul is unjustly deprived of the Supreme Good. We are to hope for and believe in the Supreme Being, and ought to believe equally in the Father, the Son, and their Spirit—in each distinctly and in all three together
Chapters 78-80 Which faith is alive and which is dead. What three the Supreme Being can in some respect be said to be. The Supreme Being exercises dominion over all things and rules all things and is the only God.