Ockham's Summa Logicae

Some of Ockham's master work in parallel Latin-English. The translations are rough and I haven't had too much time to check them. They are here to provide a searchable reference for Ockham's work, and to provide a sense of what he is on about. There are proper translations by Michael Loux (Book I), Alfred Freddoso (Book II), and John Longeway (Book III part 2). The other parts haven't been translated, as far as I know.

Chapter or section Description
Book I chapters 1-4The division of terms
Book I chapters 5-9Concrete and abstract terms
Book I chapter 10The definition of 'connotative' and 'absolute' terms
Book II chapter 7Truth conditions of past and future tense propositions
Book II chapters 12 & 14Negative and non-referring propositions
Book III.2 chapters 4-7Of the division of propositions required for demonstration

Edward Buckner
London, April 2011

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