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The Logic Museum is a website, and a wiki.

Subject matter

The subjects covered by the Museum are:

  • Medieval logic and philosophy (Fourth to sixteenth century)
  • Traditional logic (sixteenth century to early twentieth century)
  • ‘Aristotelian’ logic and philosophy, particularly in the Latinised form that prevailed in the medieval West
  • Latin in medieval logic and philosophy
  • Medieval universities and teaching
  • Theology, particularly as informed by logic
  • Medieval culture generally
  • Early history of mathematical logic
  • Philosophy of language
  • Philosophical logic


The principles of the Logic Museum are

  • To provide material as close to the original source as possible (critical editions, transcriptions, manuscripts).
  • To widen the knowledge of medieval logic and philosophy by the use of
    • translations;
    • clear and accessible summarisation of the primary material.
  • To classify the authority of a source by provenance or forms of editorial review.
  • To make all material searchable by means of
    • markup ('anchors') and semantic tagging
    • standardised Latin spelling
  • To encourage scholars to participate by
    • incentives such as ‘ownership’ (or shared ownership) of areas of the Museum
    • a congenial and user-friendly editing environment and platform.

Anyone whose account is approved can edit. If you want to join the Logic Museum, apply here.

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