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The Logic Museum is a wiki. A wiki is a way to easily edit pages on the web. Revision histories mean that nothing is lost, and old versions of pages can be easily restored. Editing a wiki is fast, and no expert knowledge of computer science is required. Wikipedia showed the way here. Unlike Wikipedia, it is not a wiki that anyone can edit. There is no open IP editing, and account creation is by application only. However, anyone is welcome to apply. We welcome and encourage applications from scholars, academics, students, also from organisations, institutes, colleges and departments, anyone else interested in the history of logic, Latin, medieval philosophy, theology and related subjects.

Benefits of joining

As a member, you are free to edit any pages of the Museum - article pages, project pages, other users' talk pages. You can advertise events, courses, summer schools, books, papers, journals. You can write articles about subjects of interest to students of logic, philosophy or medieval studies.

How to join

To join, send an email to the administrator (Edward) - his details are on the contact page. State your reason for applying, your credentials or interests, and your preferred user name.

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