Hello Montreux. View across the lake, with Swiss foliage. Note the little 'square' at the end of the jetty.
Terence Parsons, looking magisterial. Being one of the great minds in contemporary philosophy is no help in negotiating the Swiss rail network. (A confusion between 'Lausanne' and 'Luzern' we were told). Terence presented his paper on the thesis that the O proposition has no existential import. Ockham was later somewhat critical of this, but they nonetheless became pals. Jan Wollenski. Ockham was surprised and interested to learn that Jan is a great afficionado of whiskey, but was careful not to mention the 2 litres of Jim Beam that he had purchased at the duty-free.
Uneen and Sara ('old enough to be legal') Uckelman I still haven't grasped the spelling of Inneen's name. Here she is, checking out the hotel wallpaper for medieval diagrams
Fred Michael gets the blue screen. Karin: elementary force of nature. To whom Ockham is eternally grateful for the telling him of 'Johnny and Marina'. His head is getting better, but it will take some days.

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Edward Buckner
London, May 2007

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